Dec 12, 2016

University Data Security Guidelines

At NC State, faculty and staff are responsible for ensuring that university data is properly secured. In order to assist individuals in best determining how to properly store and secure sensitive data, the campus Office of Information Technology (OIT) has made a number of resources available online. Faculty and staff should familiarize themselves with these resources in order to ensure they are adhering to best practices when storing all university data (which includes faculty research, student grading information, financial transaction information, departmental meeting notes, etc.).

Sep 22, 2016

Information on Foreign Language Placement Testing

Foreign Language Placement exams are administered at the Language Lab of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (also referred to as the Laundry 214 Lab). The lab is located in room 214 of the old campus Laundry Building, located at 2341 Katherine Stinson Drive. Exams are administered using the Computer Adaptive Placement Exam (CAPE) series from Brigham Young University to place students in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. The exams test the grammatical knowledge, as well as the reading comprehension of the student.

Dec 15, 2015

Install Software Yourself

CHASS IT now makes certain software applications available for self-service installation on Active Directory Domain Windows PCs and on managed Apple computers.

Dec 15, 2015

Creating Your Web Presence

There are many options for building your web presence, including the CHASS Faculty/Staff Application, Moodle, Google Sites, and traditional web design.

Dec 15, 2015


MediaSite is a multimedia presentation capture system that is available for use throughout CHASS.