Mediasite is an audio and video capture system that allows you to record lectures and presentations for online learning, training, special campus events (like a symposium or alumni relations), or streaming media for websites. How does it work? Mediasite recorders are integrated with existing classtech setup. By pressing the record button on touch panel in classroom, it will start capturing, encoding and synchronizing content from camera  and any device  instructor choose from touch panel which can be pc,laptop, document camera or DVD/VCR. The recording can be stopped by pressing the stop button on the touch panel. The recorded presentation can then be uploaded to the server for viewing. Why use it? Mediasite can be used for variety of purposes like the following:

  • Distance learning
  • Lecture Review
  • Self-guided study
  • Campus virtual tours
  • Study abroad introduction
  • Keynote speaker address
  • Conference presentations

Visit the Mediasite page for information on reserving MediaSite or to request training.

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